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ZEAL Network SE Financial Results 9M 2023 | Growth & Strategy with CFO


ZEAL Network SE H1 2023: Key Takeaways

Overview of ZEAL Network SE’s Q3 Financials

Company’s Growth and Profitability

In his presentation, CFO Sebastian Bielski outlines ZEAL Network SE’s continued growth and profitability improvements in the third quarter of 2023, highlighting strategic expansions in the gaming sector.


Strong Growth Momentum in Q3

Increased Billings Despite Challenging Environment

Sebastian emphasizes ZEAL Network SE’s success in increasing its billings from lotteries by 16%, thanks to effective marketing strategies and introducing new games in Q2, leading to rapid growth in Q3.


Strategic Customer Acquisition

Expanding Customer Base Through Targeted Marketing

ZEAL’s approach to accelerating customer acquisition, especially during high jackpot phases, has broadened its customer base significantly.


Introduction and Growth of the Games Business

Successful Launch and Future Expansion Plans

The CFO discusses the successful launch of ZEAL’s games business and plans for further expansion in the upcoming quarter, highlighting the business’s uniqueness.


Financial Performance and Revenue Growth

Substantial Growth in Revenue

Sebastian details a 15.5% growth in revenue, with a notable contribution from the newly launched games business.


Marketing Investment and Branding

Increased Spend on Marketing and Brand Awareness

The increased investment in marketing, including ZEAL’s largest branding campaign for Lotto, has significantly enhanced brand awareness and customer acquisition.


Operational Costs and Key Performance Indicators

Understanding Costs and New KPIs

While EBITDA growth lagged behind revenue growth due to increased marketing investment, operational expenses were well managed. New KPIs for the games business have been introduced.


Comparative Analysis: Lotteries vs. Games

Evaluating Margins and Revenue Efficiency

Sebastian compares the lotteries and games segments, noting differences in margins and revenue generation efficiency.


Customer Engagement and Profitability

Growth Driven by Active User Engagement

The CFO highlights the 12% increase in monthly active users and the 4% increase in average billings per active user, underscoring the impact of strategic marketing investments.


Forward-Looking Statements

ZEAL’s Future Outlook

Sebastian concludes with confidence in the company’s continuous growth and effective customer acquisition and brand-building strategies.



ZEAL Network SE’s Market Position and Future Prospects

In summary, Sebastian Bielski’s presentation demonstrates ZEAL Network SE’s dynamic evolution, strategic marketing, and game development investments, positioning it for sustained growth and profitability.

  • Summary 9M 2023
  • Games Business Launched
  • Jackpot Development – 3 Peaks in 2023 vs 4 Peaks in 2022
  • Zeal Income Statement 9M 2023 – Condensed
  • New Financial KPI’S and other Indicators
  • Other Performance Idicators 1 (Lotteries)
  • Guidance 2023 – Confirmed
  • Key Take-Aways
Sebastian Bielski - ZEAL Network SE Financial Results 9M 2023 | Growth & Strategy with CFO -%sitename%

Sebastian Bielski
CFO | ZEAL Network SE

hoffmann - ZEAL Network SE Financial Results 9M 2023 | Growth & Strategy with CFO -%sitename%

Frank Hoffmann
Head of Investor Relations | Zeal Network SE​


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