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BRAIN Biotech AG Financial Results 9M 2022 / 23 | Journey to Sustainability & Prosperity with CFO


BRAIN Biotech AG 9M 2022/23: Key Takeaways

Overview of BRAIN Biotech AG

In this presentation, Michael Schneiders, the CFO of BRAIN Biotech AG, takes viewers on a comprehensive tour of the company’s financial achievements and aspirations, highlighting the 9M 2022-23 financial results.

Opening with an overview of BRAIN Biotech AG, Michael highlights the company’s three-decade-long legacy in industrial biotechnology, establishing their credibility with 535 B2B products and over 150 industrial partnerships. As a testament to their success, since 2016, they have been listed on the prestigious Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


Mission and Economic Prosperity

Michael delves into the company’s mission to marry economic prosperity with sustainability. By applying innovative biotechnology to industrial processes, they have successfully generated a revenue of approximately 50 million while employing around 330 specialised individuals.


Contributions to Global Sustainability

The presentation then shifts to BRAIN Biotech’s concrete contributions to global sustainability. These include initiatives in food security, such as the development of natural preservatives, sugar substitutes, and plant-based proteins. They’ve made strides in salt reduction, active pharmaceutical ingredient development, and enzymatic wound care in the health sector. They are also champions in promoting sustainable industrialisation, as evident from their ventures into urban mining, utilising CO2 as a feedstock and lubricant.


Technological Prowess and Innovations

Groundbreaking Work in Genome Engineering

Michael highlights their technological prowess and discusses their groundbreaking work in genome engineering and gene editing. BRAIN Biotech’s unique approach involves discovering novel natural proteins or enzymes and optimising them for commercial production. This often involves microbial strain development and a rigorous optimisation process before the final product reaches the market.


Akribion Genomics and Partnerships

The CFO’s evident pride shines through as he mentions their genomic platform, Akribion Genomics, which has achieved significant license revenues. Moreover, their partnerships, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, have made tremendous progress, promising exciting developments by the year’s end.


Financial Performance and Growth

In terms of financial performance, despite challenging market conditions marked by high inflation, the company showcased a remarkable growth of 12.3% in the first nine months. There were challenges, like equipment malfunction at their Cardiff facility, but they remain optimistic about making up for these in the coming quarter.


Investment and Future Prospects

Michael reiterates their commitment to invest in the future, pointing out their increased expenditure on genome engineering technology. Looking ahead, BRAIN Biotech sets its eyes on a group sales target between 54 to 57 million, with confidence in achieving their mid-term targets.


Invitation to Potential Investors

Before concluding, Schneiders invites potential investors to share in BRAIN Biotech’s vision. He emphasises the opportunity to be part of the biological revolution, which offers sustainable solutions in areas like nutrition, health, and the environment. With a clear trajectory to profitability, they aim to position themselves among the top global players in biotech.

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Michael Schneiders
CFO | BRAIN Biotech AG​


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