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Carl Zeiss Meditec AG Deep Dive 2023 | Cataract Workflow with IR



In this in-depth video titled “Carl Zeiss Meditec AG Deep Dive 2023 | Cataract Workflow with IR Thu Anh”, Thu Anh, an expert from the investor relations team at Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, offers an exhaustive exploration of the company’s innovative approach towards cataract treatment, a critical offering in their ophthalmology portfolio.


Beginning with an introduction to cataracts, a common eye condition predominantly affecting individuals over 50, Thu Anh elaborates on how this ailment, caused by ageing, leads to the clouding of the eye’s crystalline lens, progressively impairing vision. She explains that the only effective solution to this issue is to replace the clouded lens with a clear intraocular lens (IOL). This procedure is undertaken more than 25 million times globally each year.


Thu Anh offers a detailed breakdown of the modern cataract treatment procedure. She explains how the process initiates with a main incision at the juncture between the cornea and sclera, followed by the careful extraction of the cloudy lens using ultrasound and suction. Subsequently, an artificial IOL is gently implanted into the clear capsular bag, restoring clear vision for the patient.


The key focus of this presentation is the unveiling of Carl Zeiss Meditec’s ground-breaking ‘Cataract Workflow’. This systematized, four-step process enhances clinical efficiency and improves patient outcomes. The steps encompass the assessment and education of the patient, planning pre-operative measures, conducting the surgical procedure, and carrying out follow-up processes.


Multiple crucial components of this workflow are underscored. The IOL Master 700 is showcased as an exceptional diagnostic tool offering precise biometric measurements, thereby minimizing the chances of refractive surprises after surgery. The EQ Workplace is another significant asset, functioning as a data management hub that streamlines the clinical workflow by providing access to data at any time, from any place. It also aids in surgical planning, IOL calculation, and ordering. Finally, the Quatera 700, Zeiss’s first phacoemulsification machine, serves as a centralized surgical platform that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the surgical procedure.


Towards the conclusion, Thu Anh shares testimonials from surgeons who have adopted this workflow and digitalization, experiencing enhanced system efficiency, reduced dependency on manual resources, and minimized transcription errors. The video wraps up with a promising outlook for the future, where Carl Zeiss Meditec seeks to standardize its cataract workflow as the primary treatment for cataract patients. The company also envisions a continued leader in the digitalization of the ophthalmic industry, projecting robust growth in this significant market segment of ophthalmology.


  • Strategic Business Units – Ophthalmology / Microsurgery
  • Cataract – When Vision becomes cloudy
  • Pathology of a cataract
  • Selection of a suitable Intraocular Lens (IOL)
  • Cataract Treatment
  • ZEISS Cataract Workflow
    • Focus Products
    • ZEISS IOLMaster 700
    • Connectivity
    • Cataract & Refractive Surgeon
    • ZEISS Quatera 700
    • ZEISS OPMI Lumera 700 / ZEISS CALLISTO eye
    • ZEISS Surgery Optimizer
    • Cataract & Refractive Surgeon



Thu Anh Klimpke
IR | Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

Sebastian Frericks
Head IR | Carl Zeiss Meditec AG



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