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EDAG Engineering Group AG Financial Results H1 2023 | Highlights & Future Outlook with IR



In this compelling video presentation, Sebastian Lehmann, representing EDAG Engineering Group AG, unveils the H1 2023 financial results, offering deep insights into the company’s performance and future outlook.


Starting with a backdrop of the current global economic climate, Lehmann touches upon the ongoing inflationary pressures experienced particularly in Europe and the unexpected deflationary tendencies in China. Despite the volatile market, EDAG emerges resilient with significant achievements.


A standout performance indicator is robust revenue growth, showcasing an impressive 10% surge. Especially noteworthy is the electrics/electronic segment, which saw a whopping increase, underscoring EDAG’s strategic evolution towards becoming a digitally dominant player in engineering services. The financial highlights continue with a record-breaking order intake, indicating a promising future.


EDAG’s commitment to innovation is not solely confined to numbers. Lehmann proudly introduces their groundbreaking lightweight battery housing, a collaborative venture with Mitsubishi Chemical and Kaiser Electric, marking a significant stride in tech innovation.


However, growth has its challenges. The latter half of the presentation delves deep into a comprehensive financial analysis. Comparisons to the previous year, segment-wise performances, and factors affecting EBIT margins are meticulously addressed. The capex, working capital, and net financial debt are also explored, providing investors with a holistic view of the company’s financial health.


As the presentation wraps up, the future outlook remains encouraging. Despite geopolitical uncertainties, particularly the situation in Ukraine and potential wage and energy price shifts, EDAG’s projections remain sanguine, with an anticipated 4-7% revenue growth.


For stock investors and stakeholders, this video is a comprehensive guide to understanding EDAG’s H1 2023 performance and the future of this engineering giant.


  • Market Environment
  • Key Highlights H1 2023
  • Revenues
  • EBIT
  • EAT and Equity
  • Headcount and Capex
  • Trade Working Capital
  • Cash Flow
  • Net Financial Debt w/. and w/o. Leasing
  • Outlook



Sebastian Lehmann
Head IR | EDAG Engineering Group AG



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