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JOST Werke SE FY 2023 Financial Results: Record EBIT and Strategic Growth Unveiled


JOST Werke SE FY 2023: Key Takeaways

Introduction to JOST Werke SE’s Success

JOST Werke SE, a leader in the commercial vehicle industry, recently announced its preliminary and unaudited financial results for FY 2023. This marks a significant phase of success for the company. Romy Acosta, the Head of Investor Relations, offers a detailed analysis of JOST’s financial health and strategic achievements during this period.


Record-Breaking Financial Performance

Stable Sales Amidst Market Challenges

Despite a minimal 1.2% decrease in sales, totalling EUR 1,249.7 million, JOST has exhibited remarkable resilience in a fluctuating market, expertly balancing the impacts of currency and acquisitions. This demonstrates their solid business model and strategic insight.


Adjusted EBIT and Profitability Leap

JOST’s adjusted EBIT experienced an impressive increase of 13.7%, reaching EUR 140.8 million. This exceeded expectations, with a notable rise in profit margin from 9.8% to 11.3%, emphasising JOST’s operational efficiency and adaptability in the market.


Unprecedented Free Cash Flow

The company achieved a record-breaking free cash flow of EUR +112.3 million, a fourfold increase from the previous year. This highlights JOST’s excellence in operational management and capital allocation skills.


Strategic Moves and Regional Highlights

Expanding Footprint and Diversified Portfolio

Through strategic acquisitions such as Crenlo do Brasil and LH Lift and a new greenfield investment, JOST has significantly expanded its presence and diversified its product range, particularly in the agricultural sector.


Regional Breakdown: Europe, North America, and APA

Despite varying market conditions in Europe, JOST effectively maintained its earnings, resulting in a 10.5% increase in adjusted EBIT. A strategic shift towards transport sector profitability in North America led to a 25.4% rise in EBIT. The APA region saw dynamic growth in key markets, with a significant 20.2% increase in sales.


Financial Management Excellence

Capital Expenditure and Working Capital Efficiency

JOST demonstrated a disciplined financial approach by slightly reducing capital expenditure and enhancing working capital efficiency, aligning with its strategic goals.


Net Debt Reduction and Improved Leverage Ratio

The company successfully reduced its net debt to EUR 180.7 million and achieved an improved leverage ratio of 0.998x, reflecting strong cash flow generation and prudent financial management.


Concluding Remarks

Future Outlook and Strategic Growth

In conclusion, JOST Werke SE’s FY 2023 financial results underscore a year of significant achievement, highlighting the company’s strategic flexibility and strong market position. With a record EBIT, robust cash flow, and strategic expansions, JOST is well-positioned for future growth and continued success in the commercial vehicle industry.

  • JOST Improves Profitability Further in Fiscal Year 2023

  • Financial Targets for 2023 Achieved

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Romy Acosta
Head of Investor Relations | JOST Werke AG


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