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Multitude SE Deep Dive | Redefining Digital Banking with COO


Multitude SE Company Presentation: Key Takeaways

About Darko Popovic & Multitude Bank’s Digital Journey

The Legacy of Multitude Bank

In this engaging video, Darko Popovic, the Chief Operations Officer of Multitude Bank, delves deep into the nuances of the bank’s digital transformation and its emphasis on user-centric digital customer journeys.

Tracing back to its inception in 2005 in Finland, Multitude has come a long way. With a presence in 18 countries, 700 dedicated employees, and an impressive €212 million in group revenues, the bank’s growth narrative is commendable. Multitude’s broad operational umbrella encompasses four primary commercial brands: SweepBank, Ferratum, and CapitalBox. Each brand serves distinct segments, from shopping and financing apps to lending platforms, all underpinned by Multitude’s robust technological infrastructure.

Banking Evolution & Multitude’s Approach

Darko paints a vivid picture of the banking landscape, pointing out the seismic shifts in customer expectations. He touches upon the archaic systems that traditional banks are shackled to – systems designed for a pre-digital age. Multitude’s approach, however, is revolutionary. They don’t merely integrate new technologies into old banking processes. Instead, they fundamentally intertwine finance and technology, setting a new standard for digital banking.

Phases of the Customer Journey

Elaborating on the customer journey, Darko identifies three pivotal phases: pre-onboarding, onboarding, and post-onboarding. In the pre-onboarding phase, there’s a laser focus on user experience, with continuous redesigns based on customer behaviour insights. The onboarding phase boasts a high level of automation, leveraging biometrics and cutting-edge tools for customer identification, compliance checks, and near-instantaneous loan decisions. The post-onboarding phase is characterized by rapid payment processing, advanced AI-driven customer support, and proactive relationship management, ensuring an unparalleled user experience.

Customer Satisfaction & Multitude’s Metrics

In a world where customer satisfaction is paramount, Multitude shines bright. An astounding 94% of its customers express satisfaction, far outstripping the industry average. This is reinforced by an impressive Net Promoter Score of 65, indicating a high likelihood of customers recommending their services. Such metrics are a testament to Multitude’s relentless pursuit of digital excellence, with AI playing a pivotal role in streamlining customer queries and enhancing overall service efficiency.

Conclusion & Invitation

Darko concludes by reiterating Multitude’s core belief – that banking shouldn’t be complex and stressful. By democratizing financial services through digitization, they aim to make processes faster, simpler, and environmentally friendlier. For those keen to delve deeper, he directs viewers to the bank’s website and LinkedIn page, inviting them to participate in the Multitude journey.

  • Creating success stories
  • Valued financial ecosystem
  • Our Growth platform
  • Finance simple through technology
  • Our Digital Customer Journey
  • Pre-Onboarding phase
  • Automated Digital Onboarding Phase
  • Post-Onbarding Phase : Service, Collections, Retention
  • Multitude is Investing in An Effortless Digital Experience
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Darko Popovic
COO | Multitude SE


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