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PIERER Mobility AG Deep Dive | Future of Two-Wheel Mobility with Board Member


PIERER Mobility AG Deep Dive: Key Takeaways

Exploring the Future of Two-Wheel Mobility with PIERER Mobility AG

This detailed video presentation explores the intriguing future of two-wheel mobility with PIERER Mobility AG’s Board Member, Hubertus Trunkenpolz. Beginning with the company’s inception and history, the video navigates through its goals and strategies for both electrification and traditional combustion engines, painting a comprehensive picture of its plan for the future. It illuminates the growing trend of two-wheel mobility, examining the key factors driving demand and changing the face of the competitive environment.


Marketing and Branding Endeavors of PIERER Mobility AG

Uncover the significant marketing and branding activities undertaken by PIERER Mobility AG, and learn how they aim to shape perceptions and build a strong identity in the mobility industry. The presentation brings to light the opportunities and risks embedded in the supply chain, with particular attention to the manufacturing facilities located in Mattighofen and Munderfing. It also delves into the company’s unique approach to attracting and retaining talented workers, demonstrating their commitment to their team.


Innovation and Technological Initiatives

The journey continues by examining PIERER Mobility AG’s innovation and technology initiatives, presenting viewers with the latest advancements they’ve spearheaded in the two-wheel mobility sector.


Envisioning the Digital Future of Mobility

Finally, the video envisions the digital future of mobility, inspiring viewers with what’s possible when technology and forward-thinking strategy combine.

  • Introduction and History
  • Goals and strategy for electrification and combustion engines
  • The two-wheel mobility trend
  • Demand drivers for your two-wheelers
  • Change in the competitive environment
  • Opportunities and risks in supply chain
  • Production and manufacturing in Mattighofen and Munderfing
  • How to attract and retain workers
  • Key marketing & brand activities
  • Innovation and technology
  • The digital future

Hubertus Trunkenpolz
Member-Management Board | PIERER Mobility AG

Michaela Friepess IR & Sustainability | PIERER Mobility AG


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