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PIERER Mobility AG Deep Dive 2023 | Navigating the Future of Two-Wheel Mobility with Board Member



Dive into the fascinating world of PIERER Mobility AG as Hubert Trunkenpolz, a Member of the Management Board, takes you on an insightful journey through the company’s history, electrification and combustion engine strategies, and the growing trend of two-wheel mobility.


Discover the key demand drivers, competitive landscape changes, and supply chain opportunities and risks. Get an exclusive look at the production facilities in Mattighofen and Munderfing, and learn how PIERER Mobility AG attracts and retains top talent.


Delve into their marketing and branding initiatives, explore the latest technological innovations, and envision the digital future of mobility with this comprehensive deep-dive conversation. 

Company Profile

The PIERER Mobility Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of “powered two-wheelers” (PTW). 


With its motorcycle brands KTM, HUSQVARNA Motorcycles and GASGAS, it is one of the European technology and market leaders, especially for premium motorcycles. In addition to vehicles with combustion engines, the product portfolio also includes emission-free two-wheelers with electric drives (e-motorcycles, e-bicycles and e-scooters). 


As a pioneer in electromobility for two-wheelers, the group and its strategic partner Bajaj have the prerequisites to assume a leading global role in the low-voltage range (48 volts). 


Entering into the (e-)bicycle segment was another important step in intensifying activities in the field of bicycle electromobility. Electric bicycles are being driven forward under the brands HUSQVARNA E-Bicycles, R Raymon and GASGAS E-Bicycles in order to participate in the attractive market growth in this segment and to become a major international player in this field.



PIERER Mobility AG

Edisonstrasse 1, 4600 Wels, Austria

phone +43 7242 / 69 402 


  • Introduction and History
  • Goals and strategy for electrification and combustion engines
  • The two-wheel mobility trend
  • Demand drivers for your two-wheelers
  • Change in the competitive environment
  • Opportunities and risks in supply chain
  • Production and manufacturing in Mattighofen and Munderfing
  • How to attract and retain workers
  • Key marketing & brand activities
  • Innovation and technology
  • The digital future



Hubertus Trunkenpolz
Member-Management Board | PIERER Mobility AG

Michaela Friepess IR & Sustainability | PIERER Mobility AG



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