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PIERER Mobility AG Financial Results H1 2023 | Record Growth & Future Prospects with CFO


PIERER Mobility AG H1 2023: Key Takeaways

Comprehensive Financial Overview by CFO Viktor Sigl

In-depth Exploration of Pierer Mobility AG’s H1 2023 Performance

In a comprehensive video presentation, Viktor Sigl, the recently appointed CFO of Pierer Mobility AG, delves deep into the company’s financials and performance for the first half of 2023.

With 13 years of experience within the company, primarily in the motorcycle business domain of KTM AG, Viktor´s enthusiasm is palpable as he introduces these groundbreaking figures.


Introduction to Company Structure and Segments

Highlighting the Motorcycle and New Mobility Divisions

Beginning with introducing the company’s structure, he draws attention to its motorcycle segment, the jewel in its crown, which employs over 4,300 individuals. It boasts internationally acclaimed brands like KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles, GASGAS, WP, CFMOTO, and the recently acquired MV Agusta. The bicycle division, aptly titled ‘New Mobility’, needs to catch up in terms of significance. 180 dedicated professionals spearhead housing brands such as Husqvarna E-Bicycles, GASGAS and FELT.


Emphasis on R&D and Digital Transformation

A focal point of the presentation is the company’s dedication to R&D and its emphasis on the importance of digital transformation. With a team of 340, they are at the forefront of mapping Pierer Mobility AG’s trajectory into the digital future.


Financial Achievements and Challenges in H1 2023

Impressive Revenue Growth Across Various Markets

The financial achievements of H1 2023 emerge as a testament to the company’s resilience and adaptability. Their revenue soared to an unprecedented nearly 1.4 billion euros, marking a growth rate of 20% from the previous year. Such remarkable growth is attributed to powerful sales figures from the European, US, and Indian markets.


Addressing Market Challenges and Future Strategies

But Viktor doesn’t shy away from discussing challenges. He touches upon the less-than-stellar performances in South America and Asia, which he attributes to outdated model ranges, and promises to unveil innovative products in the coming year. The Australian and New Zealand markets also faced challenges, even though their market share increased.


Navigating Through Global Challenges

Demonstrating Financial Robustness Amidst Adversities

Against a global backdrop rife with challenges, from the Ukrainian War to escalating raw material costs and a surge in Austrian wages, Pierer Mobility AG showcased its financial robustness. The company recorded an EBIT nearing 100 million euros.


Concluding with an Optimistic Outlook

While challenges persist, especially in the bicycle segment, where inventory and market saturation problems loom, Viktor´s presentation concludes with optimism. With a keen eye on the future and unwavering commitment to its vision, Pierer Mobility AG reasserts its dedication to achieving its projected revenue and margin targets for the entire year.

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  • More than thirty years of successful track record
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Viktor Sigl
CFO | PIERER Mobility AG

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Melinda Busáné Bellér
IR & Sustainability | PIERER Mobility AG


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