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JOST Werke AG | Company Presentation | Romy Acosta, IR


00:18  Leading Global Supplier of Mission Critical Solutions

01:35  Strong Products Driving Brand Desirability and Pull Demand

05:32  High Aftermarket and Wide Diversification

07:43  Flexible and Asset Light Business Model 

08:53  A Proven Track Record

09:35  Jost Innovations

12:05  Mid-Term Targets  

13:01  Outlook 2022

13:49  Summary Investment Case



Siemensstr. 2

63263 Neu-Isenburg



+49 6102 295-379

Company Profile

JOST is a leading global producer and supplier of safety-critical components and systems for commercial vehicles. 

For its two business units Transport and Agriculture, JOST provides high-quality products which are split into the following three system groups: 

Vehicle Interface (focusing on products required for operating commercial vehicle combinations, such as fifth wheel couplings and landing gears), 

Handling Solutions (comprising container equipment and hydraulic cylinder products) and 

Manoeuvring (focusing on axles for tractors (trucks), semitrailers and trailers, as well as forced steering systems).

As the leading supplier of fifth wheel couplings and landing gears worldwide, JOST heads the market in the vehicle interface systems sector.

JOST’s position as an international market leader is strengthened by its strong brands, its long-term customer relationships supported by a global sales network, and by the efficient and non-capital-intensive business model. 

The five JOST brands – JOST, ROCKINGER, TRIDEC, Edbro, Quicke – are highly valued in the industry thanks to the quality of their products and continuous innovations. 

Its global sales network and production sites in more than 20 countries across five continents mean that JOST has direct access to all major manufacturers of trucks and trailers, as well as all relevant end customers. 

JOST currently employs over 3,500 staff worldwide.


Romy Acosta
Head of Investor Relations | JOST Werke AG

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JOST Werke AG | Company Presentation | Romy Acosta, IR
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JOST Werke AG | Company Presentation | Romy Acosta, IR
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