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Encavis AG Financial Results 9M 2021 | Driving Growth & Sustainability in Renewable Energy with CFO



In this comprehensive video presentation, Dr Christoph Husmann, CFO of Encavis AG, discusses the company’s Q3-2021 financial performance, analyst consensus estimates, and segment reporting. Encavis AG is one of Europe’s leading independent power producers in the renewable energy sector, focusing on solar and wind power.


The company’s stable and predictable earnings, conservative investment strategy, and experienced team make it an attractive investment option. Encavis AG boasts a valuable investment portfolio with low balance sheet risks and offers an appealing dividend policy for shareholders. The company is dedicated to a sustainable future, contributing to a clean and safe energy supply while participating in the growth market of renewables.

Company Profile

A leading player in a growth market, a strategy that aims to minimise risk, as table and predictable business, an experienced team – we make renewables economically viable.


One of the leading independent power producers in the renewables sector

The Encavis share is your gateway to participating in one of the leading independent power producers using solar energy and (onshore) wind power in Europe with a regionally diversified portfolio.


Participation in the growth market

The market for renewables is one of the growth markets of our age. It is expanding worldwide with double-digit growth rates. In this dynamic market, we have focused from the outset exclusively on investing in and operating solar and wind parks. Both technologies are regarded as the key technologies for a clean and safe energy supply in the future. In combination with modern storage technology electricity supply from renewable energies will in the future compete with conventional power plants on equal terms.


Stable and predictable earnings

Our plants benefit from long-term, state-guaranteed feed-in tariffs or power purchase agreements. Consequently, our parks generate very stable, predictable and non-cyclical earnings and offer an attractive return on the capital invested. We keep our parks in our portfolio and operate them on a long-term basis and in many cases also take over responsibility for their commercial and technical management and operation.


Conservative investment strategy

We acquire solar and wind parks that are either in the construction phase, already completed, or currently in operation. We do not get involved with project planning risks. Neither are we involved in the manufacturing of solar modules, for instance. Due to the long-term operational life-cycle of our parks, we always look for a stable investment environment. Various assessments with regard to specific stability risks are also reflected in our country-specific target returns on our investments.


Unique expertise and many years of experience

In what is a relatively new market, we have been in existence since 2006 and can already look back on an impressive track record of success. During this time, we have built up an excellent team of experts. Thanks to our technical service unit, technological expertise is available at all times within the company. Our specialised expertise in renewables investments is in demand, which is why we also make it available to institutional investors as part of our Asset Management business segment. For our services, we receive one-off fee payments for successful acquisitions as well as recurring fees for the ongoing management of the investments.


A valuable investment portfolio, low balance sheet risks

Our investment portfolio allows us to make very stable and transparent forecasts regarding our business. Our parks are financed at project company level, with no right of recourse to Encavis AG. Consequently, Encavis AG itself carries a relatively low debt burden. In addition, we have stated a target equity ratio of at least 25%, that we have met ever since.


Attractive dividend policy

Shareholders in Encavis AG participate in our transparent and flexible dividend strategy. We also want our shareholders to take part in the future success of Encavis. Based solely on our existing portfolio of solar and wind parks (March 2017), we have therefore set ourselves the goal of increasing the dividend in 2021 by 50 percent compared to the nominal dividend in 2016 (EUR 0.20). Meanwhile, for maximum flexibility, we also allow shareholders to choose between receiving a cash dividend or a scrip dividend.


Looking to the future

As a result of strict political targets regarding CO2 reduction, conventional energy generation is being increasingly forced out of the market worldwide. At the same time, falling module prices and improved components ensure that the generation of renewable energy is becoming increasingly competitive. New technologies such as battery storage open up the possibility of storing renewable energy and therefore of controlling the achievable price independently of the time of generation. The use of battery storage systems represents the decisive breakthrough for renewables on their way to becoming the dominant energy system of the future.



Saving the best for last: With our solar and wind parks, not only do we generate stable and predictable earnings with attractive returns, we also make an active contribution to a clean and safe energy supply for tomorrow. More details can be found here: Sustainability · encavis.com


Encavis AG

Große Elbstraße 59

22767 Hamburg, Germany 

phone +49 40 37 85 62 242


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Dr. Christoph Husmann
CFO | Encavis AG

Joerg Peters
Head of Investor Relations | Encavis AG



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