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DEUTZ AG Deep Dive CMD 2023 | Strategy Update with CEO


DEUTZ AG CMD 2023 - Strategy Update: Key Takeaways

Strategy Update with CEO Sebastian Schulte:

In the highly anticipated “Deep Dive Presentation: Capital Markets Day 2023,” CEO Sebastian Schulte leads stock investors through a comprehensive overview of Deutz AG’s successes and forward-looking aspirations.


Triumphant Turnaround:

Deutz AG displayed commendable grit and resilience despite the global economic challenges starting in 2020. They achieved a monumental financial turnaround, reaching a revenue milestone of 2 billion Euros in 2022.


Spotlight on Innovation:

Sebastian directs attention to the Innovation Center, the backbone of Deutz AG’s progress. This hub is responsible for spearheading industry-defining projects that aim to keep Deutz AG at the forefront of technological advancements in the engine production sector.


Regional Performance Analysis:

A closer look into Deutz AG’s regional performance reveals a robust EMA and the Americas growth trajectory. Though Asia poses certain challenges, the company’s strategies are calibrated to navigate and capitalize on these dynamic markets.


Vision for the Future:

Undoubtedly the highlight of the presentation, Sebastian shares the company’s ambitious objectives. Deutz AG aspires to be among the top three independent engine producers globally by 2030. This goal is supplemented by an even more commendable commitment: achieving climate neutrality by 2050.



Sebastian’s presentation underscores Deutz AG’s commitment to its shareholders, the environment, and its vision of pioneering change in the engine production industry. Investors are left with a strong impression of a company that’s not just prepared for the future but is actively shaping it.


Dr. Sebastian C. Schulte

Christian Ludwig
Head of Investor Relations | DEUTZ AG


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