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DEUTZ AG Financial Results 9M 2023 | Rising Profits & Green Tech Milestones with IR


DEUTZ AG 9M 2023: Key Takeaways

Impressive Q3 Revenue Growth

Christian Ludwig, Head of Investor Relations at DEUTZ, highlights the company’s impressive performance in Q3 2023. Revenue increased by 11%, and adjusted EBIT grew about 30% to €30 million. The first nine months showcased a revenue growth of 10% to €1.54 billion, and a 40% rise in adjusted EBIT to €92.7 million. This growth is a testament to DEUTZ’s operational efficiency and strategic planning.

Raising Full-Year Earnings Guidance

DEUTZ has raised its adjusted EBIT margin guidance to between 5.3% and 5.8%, up from the initial estimate of around 5%. This increase is attributed to the improved performance of the Classic business segment, reflecting the company’s ability to balance growth across its diverse portfolio.


Steady New Orders and Strategic Shifts

Despite challenging global market trends, DEUTZ maintained steady new orders in Q3. CFO Timo Krutoff expresses optimism for Q4, supported by a strong order book and projected revenue of around €2.1 billion.


Milestone in Green Technology

DEUTZ’s first volume production order for 100 hydrogen-powered gensets from China marks a significant step in green technology. These gensets, initially powered by gray hydrogen, represent a major stride in reducing carbon emissions and setting the stage for future green hydrogen use.

Operational Excellence and Expansion

The acquisition of Scandinavian Diesel Motor Nordic Group and the increase in service business revenue to €360.5 million demonstrate DEUTZ’s commitment to diversifying its business model and enhancing operational excellence.


Challenges and Outlook

Despite facing challenges such as pre-orders in 2022 and supply chain disruptions, DEUTZ remains positive about future growth. Christian discusses the dip in new orders and the high level of orders on hand, indicating the company’s resilience.

Financial Stability and Future Prospects

DEUTZ’s strong financial position is highlighted by a robust equity ratio and positive cash flow. The presentation concludes with Christian reiterating the refined full-year guidance for 2023, signaling a promising future for both the Classic and Green segments.


Christian Ludwig’s presentation not only showcases DEUTZ’s financial resilience and growth in Q3 but also underscores the company’s strategic pivot towards sustainable and innovative technology solutions. DEUTZ is positioning itself as a forward-thinking leader in the industry.

  • Key operational and strategic developments
  • Market outlook for 2024
  • Order backlog on healthy level
  • Orders on hand and new orders normalizing
  • DEUTZ receives first order for H2 gensets from China
  • Results for Q1–Q3 2023
  • Revenue for Q1–Q3 2023 in detail
  • Strong improvement in profitability
  • R&D spending, capital expenditure, and working capital
  • Cash flow and net financial position
  • Equity ratio remains well above the target of 40 percent
  • Full-year guidance for 2023
  • Medium-term targets based on the Dual+ strategy
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Christian Ludwig
Head of Investor Relations | DEUTZ AG


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