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DEUTZ AG Deep Dive CMD 2023 | Classic Segment with COO


DEUTZ AG CMD 2023: Key Takeaways

Deep Dive Classic Segment by Dr Petra Mayer

The presentation opens with Dr. Petra Mayer, the COO of Deutz AG, providing an introduction to her background. With over 20 years in the automotive industry, she has garnered extensive experience across various roles and organizations. At Deutz AG, she’s now channelling her expertise to uplift operational standards and performance.


Operational Initiatives & Dual Plus Strategy

Dr. Mayer delves into the company’s commitment to support the Dual Plus strategy, underlining the significant focus on performance improvement. A thorough review with her team has resulted in a comprehensive operations roadmap. This strategic map addresses organizational alignment, process improvement, and preparations for future production and supply chain needs.


Global Production Dynamics

Deutz AG proudly operates with a global production setup consisting of nine plants with major footprints in North America, China, and Europe. Dr. Mayer specifically highlights their plant in Cologne, emphasizing its significance. However, with most plants in high-cost countries, the strategy leans heavily on digitalization and automation investments.


Investments & Productivity Goals

The company’s commitment to enhancing productivity is evident through its substantial investments. With €55 million already invested in automation, an additional €25 million is set aside for the next two years. The goal is to achieve a productivity boost of up to 40%. Furthermore, the company is working on launching new engine models, emphasizing the recent production of hydrogen engines and establishing a highly flexible production line.


Customer Deliveries & Logistics Overhaul

An integral part of Deutz AG’s vision revolves around customer satisfaction. Efforts are underway to significantly improve delivery performance, aiming for more timely and efficient deliveries. Internally, the company is refining its sales and operational planning processes. A notable achievement in logistics is the reduction of warehouses, leading to cost savings and enhanced transparency.


Strengthening the Supply Chain

Given the current supply landscape disruptions, Dr. Mayer elaborates on the company’s strategies to fortify its supply base. With a focus on increasing dual shares, venturing into best-cost countries, and proactive mitigation strategies, Deutz AG is preparing to navigate through potential challenges seamlessly.


Conclusion & Future Outlook

The presentation wraps up with Dr. Mayer emphasizing Deutz AG’s comprehensive approach to addressing disruptions, investing in scalable production, enhancing customer service, and preparing for future growth. The objective is clear: to keep the world moving forward.

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Dr. Petra Mayer


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