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DEUTZ AG Financial Results FY 2023 | Vision for the Future with IR


DEUTZ AG FY 2023: Key Takeaways

DEUTZ AG Sets New Earnings Record in 2023

Remarkable Financial Performance Amidst Economic Challenges

In a compelling video presentation, Christian Ludwig, the Head of Investor Relations at DEUTZ AG, unveils the company’s remarkable financial achievements for the fiscal year 2023, setting a new benchmark in their earnings history. Amidst a challenging global economic landscape, DEUTZ showcased resilience and strategic insight, achieving an almost 8% increase in revenue, amounting to €2.1 billion. The presentation outlines how DEUTZ met and exceeded its earnings guidance for the third consecutive year, with adjusted group earnings soaring by 34.7% to reach €120.4 million.


The Driving Force Behind DEUTZ’s Success

Innovative Dual+ Strategy and Commitment to Sustainability

Christian Ludwig delves into the essence of DEUTZ’s success—their forward-looking Dual+ strategy, emphasizing clean combustion engines, green technologies, and global service expansion. This strategy has driven the company’s financial success and underscored its commitment to sustainability and innovation. The robust growth in the classic combustion engine segment is particularly noteworthy, achieving a significant margin increase to 8.8%, propelled by strategic acquisitions and partnerships, notably with Daimler Truck.


DEUTZ’s Pioneering Role in a Climate-Neutral Future

Advancements in Green Technologies and Strategic Divestitures

The video also highlights DEUTZ’s pivotal role in pioneering a climate-neutral future, with the first series order of their hydrogen engine marking a significant milestone. Additionally, the strategic divestiture of Torqeedo to Yamaha Motors is poised further to accelerate the company’s focus on alternative drive systems, demonstrating a clear vision for a sustainable product ecosystem.


Enhancing Global Service Footprint

Strategic Acquisitions and Service Revenue Growth

In the service business sector, DEUTZ has considerably enhanced its global footprint through strategic acquisitions, contributing to a notable increase in service revenue to €484 million. This segment’s growth is attributed to developing innovative maintenance and service solutions to extend engine lifecycles and optimize performance.


Looking Ahead: DEUTZ’s Outlook for 2024

Forecasting Continued Growth and Innovation

The presentation concludes with an overview of DEUTZ’s robust financials and a positive outlook for 2024, forecasting moderate growth and a continued focus on innovation and sustainability. Ludwig’s compelling narrative, backed by detailed financial data, reinforces DEUTZ’s position as a leader in the drive technology sector, poised for continued success in the future.

  • Again, 2023 was a year of profitable growth for DEUTZ!

  • DEUTZ with a track record of delivering our promises

  • Order intake with positive trend

  • DUAL+ strategy

  • Implementation of strategy with positive impact on 2023 result

  • Classic segment highlights

  • Service highlights | Implementation of growth strategy

  • Green highlights

  • Strategy implementation: focus for 2024

  • FY 2023 results

  • FY 2023 results compared with previous year

  • FY 2023 revenue growth in detail

  • Significant profitability improvement in continued operations

  • Cash flow and net financial position

  • Solid balance sheet


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Christian Ludwig
Head of Investor Relations | DEUTZ AG


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