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DEUTZ AG Deep Dive CMD 2023 | Service & Green Segments with CSO/CTO


DEUTZ AG CMD 2023: Key Takeaways

Deep Dive Service & Green Segments  by Dr Markus Mueller

In this engaging presentation, Dr. Markus Mueller, CTO and CSO of Deutz AG, takes us on a comprehensive journey through Capital Markets Day in 2023. This presentation focuses on Deutz’s Dual Plus strategy, emphasizing sustainability and innovation. Dr Mueller introduces us to Deutz’s Solution Park, highlighting the importance of providing products and ensuring customers can access essential services like electricity and hydrogen refuelling. He explains the shift from a product-centric approach to thinking about an ecosystem.


Deutz’s Product Lineup

Dr Mueller then delves into the product lineup, showcasing new developments in combustion engines, particularly the 3.9-litre engine in collaboration with John Deere, medium-duty and heavy-duty engines in partnership with Daimler Truck, and the exciting hydrogen engine. Deutz’s commitment to hydrogen as a clean energy source is evident, with investments made towards industrialization. The presentation showcases a containerized hydrogen engine setup for generating electricity in areas lacking energy infrastructure.


Fuel Cell Technology

Additionally, Dr. Mueller touches on fuel cell technology and its potential applications. He emphasizes Deutz’s position at the forefront of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.


Electrification and Sustainability

Transitioning to electrification, Dr. Mueller discusses the company’s core competencies, including battery management systems and software development. Deutz is well-prepared for the electric vehicle market, focusing on high-voltage systems and various applications, from mini excavators to heavy-duty trucks. Dr. Mueller also highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability, emphasizing using climate-neutral fuels, particularly biomass-based fuels, to reduce CO2 emissions significantly.


Conclusion and Future Outlook

The presentation concludes with a strong outlook on Deutz’s journey, showcasing its strengths and competencies in combustion engines, high-voltage systems, and beyond. The company’s service-oriented approach, focusing on expanding service revenue, is a key driver of future growth, targeting €600 million in service revenue by 2025.

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Dr. Markus Mueller


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