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Mutares SE Financial Results H1 2023 | Vision for Expansion with CIO


Mutares SE H1 2023: Key Takeaways

Overview of the Financial Presentation by Johannes Laumann

In this comprehensive presentation, Johannes Laumann, the CIO of Mutares SE, delves into the company’s recent H1 2023 financial performance.


About Mutares SE: A Leading Private Equity Investor

Mutares SE, stationed in Munich and boasting worldwide offices, shines as a notable special situation private equity investor. The enterprise focuses on specialised corporate profiles, embarking on restructuring, and executing turnaround cases within the industry.


Diverse Operating Segments and Remarkable Growth

With its operations sprawled across four crucial segments: Automotive, Engineering and Technology, Goods & Service, and Retail & Food, Mutares focuses particularly on brands navigating actively in the B2C market, especially in the retail and food domains. The company’s financial ascent from €1 billion in 2019 to an impressive €5 billion by H1 2023 and an ambitious target of €7 billion by 2025 speaks volumes about its robust growth.


Key Acquisitions and Financial Highlights of H1 2023

Marking significant strides, Mutares has made key acquisitions, including CIE Automotive in the automotive sector and other prominent entities across all sectors.


Notable Financial and Operational Achievements

Highlighting the quintessence of H1 2023, Johannes articulates insights into fresh acquisitions, the formation of the Federal United Group, and the government’s trust manifested through FSC privatisation in Portugal.


Record Successes and Strategic Upgrades

He further discusses the triumph of SMP as the largest exit in Mutares history and the strategic upgrading of their bond.


People: The Pillar of Mutares SE

Significant emphasis is bestowed upon their most precious asset – their people, harbouring a current strength of 200 in the holding.


Eyeing Future Expansion and Growth

As Mutares gazes towards the future, the growth potential is staggering, especially with expansion sights set fervently on the US, China, and additional regions within Asia.

  • Strong corporate identity supported by financial performance
  • Portfolio of currently 28 companies with annualized revenues of EUR > 5.5 billion
  • Ferr/Al United – newly founded Powerhouse with EUR > 1.3 billion in revenues under development
  • Key Highlights of H1 2023
  • Key financials for Mutares Group and Mutares Holding of H1 2023
  • We deliver what we promise
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Johannes Laumann
CIO | Mutares SE & Co. KGaA


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