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Mutares SE Deep Dive | Empowering Global Automotive Solutions with Segment Head


Mutares SE Deep Dive: Key Takeaways

About the Presentation

In this insightful presentation, Mathieu Purrey, the Managing Director and Head of the Automotive and Mobility segment at Mutares guides you through a comprehensive journey exploring the company’s diversified portfolio in the automotive sector.


Exploring the Portfolio

The segment proudly features 17 legal entities and participations, strategically regrouped into two primary groups: Amaneos and FerrAl United, each focusing on different material specializations within the automotive sector.


Amaneos: Specializing in Plastics

Amaneos, with Mathieu providing exemplary leadership as CEO, positions itself as an innovative engineering supplier with a global impact. Boasting over 250 engineers, more than 15 R&D centres, and ten capacity centres, Amaneos provides a comprehensive technology range related to plastics. The company caters to exterior and interior businesses, managing everything from material part creation—organizing and mixing their compounds—to extrusion, injection moulding, and blow moulding. It also handles various value chain components, such as welding technology and surfacing. With more than 30 plants worldwide, 7,500 employees, and a turnover of 1.3 billion euros, Amaneos stands at the intersection of the old and new worlds, positioning itself as a market consolidator and a one-stop solution for all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), aiding in navigation through diverse technologies.


FerrAl United: The Metallic Powerhouse

FerrAl United, the metallic “Powerhouse,” integrates eight companies from the metal side of the automotive segment and boasts a consolidated turnover of approximately 1.3 billion euros. The group handles everything from component creation to full assembly, covering many technologies in the portfolio. This spans from forging to aluminium high-pressure die casting, accompanied by a full range of heat treatment finishing and testing, as well as a complete assembly line.


Diverse Entities in the Portfolio

The portfolio also includes Plat, operating out of Poland, Ukraine, and Italy, specializing in cable products, and Innovis. This engineering house bolsters the automotive and mobility segment with expertise and technological transformation solutions.

Peugeot Motorcycle, acquired in 2023, and Kico, a company that manages mechatronics, also form part of the diverse portfolio.

  • Automotive & Mobility Segment: Portfolio companies
  • Ferr/Al United – newly founded Powerhouse with EUR > 1.3 billion
  • A Single, integrated group
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Mathieu Purrey
CEO | Amaneos
Segment Head | Automotive & Mobility


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