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Mutares SE ESG 2023 | Commitment to Sustainability & Governance with Compliance Officer



In this detailed presentation, Verena Gessner, the ESG Reporting Manager, and Lennart Bauernfeind, the Compliance Officer, shed light on the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies and compliance measures for 2023.



Verena Gessner initiated the discourse by emphasising the commitment of Mutares to robust environmental stewardship. They aim to bolster environmental and energy management systems across their portfolio companies, especially in automotive, mobility, engineering, technology, food, retail, and goods and services. Setting a quantifiable target, the company has slashed greenhouse gas emissions by 10% for every portfolio company by 2028. Energy efficiency was underscored as a pivotal component of this goal, especially given the current energy crisis and the looming energy transition.



Moving into the social dimension, Mutares has set forth an ambitious aim to cultivate a zero-accident safety culture. They’re vigorously pushing for gender diversity within the Mutares holding and across their portfolio. Community engagement and corporate social responsibility also take precedence. A testament to this commitment is their continuous financial backing for the Munich Children’s Hospice for the past three years.



In the governance arena, the company is driving the establishment of a uniform compliance management system, a supplier and business partner code of conduct, and an overarching code of conduct across its entire portfolio. Verena emphasised the salient role of ESG practices, asserting that they’re ingrained at every phase of the investment life cycle – from sourcing deals and due diligence to holding and, ultimately, exiting.


Lennart Bauernfeind then took the reins to elucidate the compliance dimension. He detailed how Mutares tailors their compliance expectations by the varying stages of its portfolio lifecycle. The company has designed a high-level risk assessment tool for their portfolio companies, enabling them to optimise their compliance efforts. Lennart further stressed the dual responsibility between Mutares and its portfolio companies in upholding compliance. Lennart highlighted that Mutares had become a signatory to the UN Global Compact in 2021 as a marker of their unwavering dedication to global compliance standards.


Conclusively, the presentation by Verena and Lennart gave an exhaustive look into Mutares’ deep-seated commitment to ESG principles and compliance, illustrating their forward-looking strategy for a sustainable future.


  • Our ESG Goals
  • Our approach to ESG integration
  • Spotlight on Compliance



Verena Gessler
ESG Reporting Manager | Mutares SE & Co. KGaA

Lennart Bauernfeind
Compliance Officer |
Mutares SE & Co. KGaA



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