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Mutares SE Financial Results Q1 2023 | Triumphs & Exciting Future Path with CIO


Mutares SE Q1 2023: Key Takeaways

Key Developments and Segment Exit

In this comprehensive video presentation, Johannes Laumann, CIO of Mutares SE &amp Co. KGaA, details the company’s performance for the first quarter of 2023. The presentation begins with significant developments, followed by the company’s exit from the Special Melted Products segment.


Highlighting Mutares’ Identity and Achievements

Johannes presents Mutares’ identity as a turnaround hero, boasting strong achievements and a unique value creation life cycle with an ambitious ROIC target of 7-10x. An overview of the portfolio companies is given, with a detailed exploration of the key financials for Q1 2023.


Impressive Financial Results

The presentation unveils striking results, with Mutares Holding experiencing a 21% leap in profit and an 84% rise in revenues to EUR 27.1 million. Group revenues have surged by 30%, coupled with an improved Adjusted EBITDA. Laumann elaborates on how early bond refinancing is charting the path for additional growth.


Exit Activity and Acquisitions in Q1 2023

Johannes navigates through the high exit activity and successful acquisitions in Q1, notably of Peugeot Motocycles, Palmia, and a Magna plant in Bordeaux.


Anticipating Future Transactions

He also discloses that the transaction pipeline is robust for the upcoming year and beyond, expecting a total volume of revenues of approximately EUR 11 billion.

Strategic Corporate Developments and Future Outlook

Johannes explains that Mutares has set a decisive course by establishing a new holding company, Amaneos SE, intending to elevate Group revenues to roughly EUR 7.0 billion by 2025.


Expectations for Mutares’ Future

The video presentation concludes with a promising outlook for Mutares’ future, detailing expectations for escalating annualised revenues and net profit.

  • Key Developments of FY 2023 YTD
  • Special Melted Products – Now in Exit Phase
  • Turnaround Hero with a Clear Identity & Strong Achievements
  • Unique Value Creation Life Cycle with ROIC Target of 7-10x
  • Mutares Portfolio Companies
  • Key Financials Q1 2023
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Johannes Laumann
CIO | Mutares SE & Co. KGaA


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